Hello, we’re BungkusGo
We help bring brands to life

Great design for everyone

That’s been our vision since we founded BungkusGo in 2023.
First it meant shaking up the print industry with better quality, more affordable Packaging.
Now it means a whole range of useful food packaging, from Paper Lunch to Paper Wrap.

We design, manufacture and sell to customers all over the world.
While we’ve grown, our focus is always great design and excellent quality.
The very opposite of your average branded “merch”.

“ The business has grown hugely over the years, and there are a lot of exciting new things to think about.
We’re always thinking about what comes next. ”

Ricky Tian

Founder & Managing Director

Our Values

“ Great design for everyone ” is why we’re all here. But it’s our values that help define our culture, and how we move forward together. There are six of them. And they guide everything we do, from how we collaborate to how we hire new people. To make them extra memorable, we’ve turned them into a catchy acronym:

“Make It”

Make it sustainable

We act with care for people and the planet. We’re continually innovating to have positive impact.

Always deliver delight

Because we’re confident in the quality of what we do, we’re not afraid to be playful and surprising. It’s what makes us stick in people’s hearts and minds.

Keep it human

We understand the people we work for and with. No one wants to speak to a robot, or be treated like one. We celebrate who you are.

Every detail counts

It’s not perfectionism, it’s precision. And it means we always ship greatness. We take pride in our work and making it even better.

Imagine it better

We believe there’s a better way, and we need to find it first. We have a progressive, purposeful mindset.

Tackle it together

We do great things when we bring different ideas together. Like design and technology. Or the many minds in our crews. Together we’re stronger.

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