Paper Bowl
to get you foods moving
Customizable Paper Bowl. All waiting for you to reimagine

Paper Bowl

  • 260ml, 390ml, 520ml, 650ml, 780ml, 850ml, 1000ml
  • 1000/Ctn
  • 50/Slv

Shallow Bowl

  • 1100ml, 1500ml
  • 1000/Ctn
  • 50/Slv

Designing your Paper Bowl

Whether you’re a total beginner or a creative professional, we have design options to help you create your own Paper Lunch

Use our templates if you ...

  • Are looking for inspiration
  • Want a professional design
  • Want simple, fast customization
See our design template

Design your Paper Bowl online if you ...

  • Already have your logo
  • Want to create your own design easily
  • Want to customize every detail
Start with a blank template

Paper Bowl

  • Have your Paper Lunch Box designs files ready to go
  • Have design chops or your own designer
  • Are confident with your layout
Upload a full design

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